Exhibition Booth Attraction Film


Client: PUBG
Production: VSPN ( So hyun Han, Wang Kyu Jang )
Design By Leo Studio
CG Director: Leopard (Dea Hong Kim)
3D Graphic: Leopard (Dea Hong Kim), Sunny (Hyo Sun Park), Nine (Byung Chan Han) 
VFX: Leopard (Dea Hong Kim), Ryan (Si Hwan Yoon)
Ingame Film: Mov. (Min Hwa Jung)
Sound Design: Mov.


G-star 2019, largest global game exhibition in Korea kicks off in Busan BEXCO (14-17 November). This Global Game Exbition presents the lastest game developments in the industy. Also this exhibition is the biggest annual event for game enthusiasts. In this event PUBG COPERATION created a promotinal booth at G-star 2019 to promote their game, PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. To promote the game, LEOSTUDIO produced Attraction Film that was shown in a wide space inside the booth. This video is shown in a three-sided, 5m-high space. and The video with a resolution is 12K(11520×2160) display.

국내 최대 규모의 글로벌 게임 전시회인 G-Star 2019는 게임 업계와 게임 매니아들에게 있어 가장 큰 연례 행사 중에 하나입니다. 이 전시회에서 PUBG COPERATION은 배틀그라운드 게임 홍보를 위해 G-star 2019에 참가하여 프로모션 부스를 만들었습니다. 레오스튜디오는 PUBG COPERATION의 배틀그라운드 부스 홍보를 위해 3면 5m 높이의 부스 내부공간에 12K 사이즈의 어트렉션 영상물을 제작하였습니다.

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